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Every month we list the best quality caskets on sale in a variety of styles.


Solid Hardwood

Available in a variety of different types of woods. Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, Poplar, Pine & Walnut.


Bronze & Copper

Made from the most durable metals.



Available in 18 gauge, and stainless steel.


Metal Caskets

The highest quality construction for your loved one.


Wood Caskets

Exceptional beauty and superior quality.


Economy Caskets

Options for every budget. Prices are negotiable. Call Us for the Best Price.


Oversized Caskets

View images of stocked oversize caskets. Available in 28", 29", 33", 36", 40"



Every month we list the best quolity caskets on sale in a varienty


Solid Hardwood

Available in a varienty of different types of wood


Bronze & Copper

Made from the most durable and all metals.



Available in 18 gauge, and stainless steel.


Metal Caskets

The highest quality constuction for your loved one.


Wood Caskets

Exceptional beauty and superior quality.


Economy Caskets

Available in 18 gauge, & stainless steel. Exceptional beauty


Oversized Caskets

Every month we list the best quolity caskets on sale


Thousands of Satisfied Customers

4.9 out of 5 based on 250 reviews.

Erik S.

I spent a lot of time researching tons of caskets, manufacturers and online vendors after my mother recently passed. A lot of places bury their hidden shipping costs and all the details you need to know to get an actual verifiable price. I dug deep into all the customer reviews, talked to various reps and customer support personnel to get an understanding of what was actually involved in the procurement and distribution process involved for many of them.

Oily A.

I must admit that I was a babe in the woods regarding online casket buying.I spent quite a bit of time searching through various websites, thinking I had found what I was looking for; only to read horrible reviews about that company. Or worse yet, talking with an insensitive, motor mouth of a sales person. In Express Casket I found the right combination of quality merchandise, a respectful salesperson, and fair pricing.

wood caskets

Donna D.

When I had to bury my brother, I knew the funds were very limited so I started looking & calling, that is when I was able to talk with Scott at Express Casket, on a Sunday. Scott was very helpful to me & my husband. We live in Louisiana so it was a straight shot for the casket to get here in plenty of time

How it Works

Ordering from our online store is an easy process. Deliver directly to
funeral home or mortuary. Worry Free!

All funeral homes must accept the delivery of our caskets based on the consumer
protection regulations of the federal trade commission

Purchase Casket Online or Call
Our Customer service

Our Customer Service will Call
you to Confirm the order

We will contact the funeral home
to arrange delivery

We will notify you when the
casket is delivered

Ask About their General Price List or GPL

Before Telling the Funeral Home About Purchasing Our Caskets.

Military Trusted

How to Save $2000-$5000
On a Funeral Learn More


As Per Federal Law
Funeral Homes must
accept our caskets.

Best Sellers

Statesman Walnut Casket

Statesman – Walnut Veneer Wood Casket

SKU #: SWV150

$ 1499.99

This funeral casket is hand made of nature walnut veneer...

Nanvy Raegan Solid Mahogany Wood Casket

Nancy Reagan Solid Mahogany Wood Casket


(1 review)
MSRP: $6499.99
$ 3795.00

Features: Beautiful High Gloss  Mahogany Finish Amond Velvet Interior in...

Caspian Cobalt Blue Casket

Caspian (Cobalt Blue)

SKU #: h1800

(2 reviews)
MSRP: $11000
$ 1395.00

Veneer Wood Caskets for Sale by EXPRESS CASKET

Elite Cherry Veneer Wood Casket

SKU #: ACV12

(1 review)
MSRP: $4500
$ 1295

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Exterior: 85.4”L x 29” W x 24”H Interior:...

Inspiration Presidential (Solid Cherry)


(1 review)
MSRP: $5500
$ 2995.00

FEATURES: Exterior: 85.4”L x 29” W x 24”H Interior: 78”...

Sleeping Angel – Solid Cherry Wood Casket


(1 review)
MSRP: $6395
$ 2995

FEATURES: Exterior: 85.4”L x 29” W x 24”H Interior: 78”...

“The Angel Cherry”


(1 review)
MSRP: $8995
$ 1495

Features: EXTERIOR:85.4” x 28.5” x 24” INTERIOR: 78” x 24”...

‘Athena Rose’ Purple Finish w/ Pink Crepe Interior

SKU #: sswc

(2 reviews)
MSRP: $4995
$ 1395

Features: Beautiful Purple Lilac Finish Pink Crepe Interior in a...

Royal Silver Brush


(1 review)
MSRP: $3500
$ 1395

Features: Beautiful Natural Brush Silver Finish White Velvet Interior 18...

Black Onyx Casket


(1 review)
MSRP: $5500
$ 1395

Features: Beautiful Black Finish With Silver Highlights White Velvet Interior...

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Trusted Since 2009


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Distribution Points Throughout the U.S

Next Day Delivery

White Glove Services (Airport To Funeral Home)

We know the most important thing we can provide is peace of mind. We strive to make the transport process as simple as possible and provide thoughtful, compassionate service every step of the way. After all, this is the most precious cargo.
TSA Known Shipper. Utilizing Delta Cares.

Express Casket LLC White Glove Services , Discount Caskets for Sale

We Work to Provide

The comforting, respectful assistance you need Quality you can trust & Guaranteed
Delivery to 24 hour Available



Superb Caskets

Choice materials, elegant design, artisan construction, detailed finishing…
the exact same caskets as found on funeral home showrooms.

Value & Savings

Manage costs when you buy direct, and avoid expensive funeral home

Commitment to Service

Manage costs when you buy direct, and avoid expensive funeral home


Assert & pay what you want

Do not be overcharged for funeral products and services. Through us you avoid the sales tactics that are used to inflate costs, add unnecessary services, & take advantage of you during a difficult time.

Since 1984 the Federal Trade Commission has allowed consumers to legally provide their own funeral goods without duress from the funeral home.

24 Hour Delivery Available.

With Great Respect Handled by Delta Cargo

Last-minute orders? No problem!

Helping families through the loss of a loved one is more than
a job − it’s a calling.

Delta Cargo plays a our part in such a delicate, emotional process.
Making the transport process as simple as possible and providing thoughtful, compassionate service every step of the way.
After all, this is the most precious cargo.

Express Casket Company - Wholesale Caskets Shipped Nationwide

Expert Guidance & Resources

Everything you tell the funeral home affects
your funeral pricing. Call us, we’ll
walk you through the process.

Know your Rights

It is Federal Law that funeral homes Must
recieve our casket and they CANNOT
charge you any extra fees!

Save Money

Our knowledgeable team is available 24
hours a day to make sure you don’t
spend any extra money on
funeral arrangements.

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