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September 17th, 2023 by Admin
metal casket
Please accept our condolences if you recently lost a loved one. We, too, have lost people we love, and we understand how strange it feels to look for a wholesale casket for sale online.
But instead of feeling strange, we ask you to consider these questions:
  • ● Did your loved one work hard for what they earned throughout their lives?
  • ● Did they spend carefully so that they could spend more of their resources on other people’s needs?
  • ● Did your loved one enjoy buying on sale or finding discounted quality goods?
If you answered “yes” to these questions, trying to find the best deal on a wholesale casket should feel like the right thing to do.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Casket
Your loved one would have wanted you to be a smart consumer. Still, you want to buy a quality product that reflects your loved one’s style and tastes.

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So, what is the right casket for your loved one? Maybe it’s a pink “Mother” casket with an embroidered head panel. Perhaps it’s a dark cherry casket – perfectly made for your Dad, who enjoyed woodworking. You might select a dark blue casket because it perfectly matches your loved one’s favorite team’s colors.
You want to feel at peace about this decision because you will likely remember it for the rest of your life.
Understanding Wholesale Caskets
There’s nothing wrong with wholesale caskets. They are quality-made products – free from damage. The only difference between wholesale caskets and one you would purchase from a funeral home is that a wholesale casket goes through fewer hands before being sold to the consumer.
Allow us to explain – All companies that sell caskets purchase products from the same few manufacturers. A funeral home must profit from the goods they sell to stay in business, so they mark up the caskets they sell.
Buying from a wholesaler means that you can avoid paying this mark-up – while purchasing the same quality product. Variety to Suit Every Need
Besides saving money, another benefit of buying a wholesale casket is that you’ll have a wider variety from which to choose.
Wood caskets : Wood caskets are extremely popular as they are durable and beautiful.
When you buy caskets online, you can purchase the following:
    • ● Mahogany casket
    • ● Walnut casket
    • ● Cherry casket
    • ● Oak casket
    • ● Poplar casket
    • ● Maple casket
    • ● Pine casket
    • ● Affordable veneer caskets
      • Metal caskets: Metal or stainless steel caskets come in limitless colors and personalization options.

Metal Casket
Specialty caskets: It’s best to order online when trying to find an oversized casket – or one made for cremation. You can also have the option of a full couch casket, perfect for closed-casket funerals.

Benefits of Choosing Wholesale Caskets
Again, there are many benefits to buying a wholesale casket for sale online. This choice allows you to save money and select the perfect casket for your loved one. But there are other benefits we still need to mention.

Buying a wholesale casket is less stressful. Buying online makes you less pressured to make a rushed decision. You can share links and ask others’ opinions, and when you are ready to buy – you can do so in private.
And, when you buy a casket online, you don’t have to worry about the delivery process. The online casket company will work directly with the funeral home.

Making the Right Choice for Wholesale Caskets
If you recently lost a loved one or a death is imminent, spend time at the Express Casket website. Read the descriptions of the caskets and the reviews. Then, once you have selected a product, call Express Caskets at 888-448-4001. Ordering by phone with Express Casket allows you to save an extra 5% off your bill – and our customer service representatives are trained to work with families in crisis.

We at Express Casket are available 24/7. Call us with any questions you have.

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