Funeral Caskets: More Than Just a Box, a Canvas for Memories

January 15th, 2024 by Admin
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Some people think that funeral caskets are all the same. But, if you have lost a loved one, you surely remember the moment that you chose a casket for the funeral. You probably remember carefully reviewing your options – comparing funeral casket prices while selecting one that reminded you of your loved one’s personality, tastes, or preferences.

Let’s explore this decision – how to choose a casket. We’ll discuss the types, personalization options, and money-saving tips for purchasing this important memorial item.

Types of Funeral Caskets for Sale

Funeral caskets are an important part of the remembrance process, so it’s best to make a well-informed decision when selecting one.

Here are the types of funeral caskets to consider as you explore funeral caskets for sale.

Wooden caskets

A wood casket is classic, beautiful, and can be eco-friendly. They can be made from various materials, with cherry, mahogany, walnut, and teak being higher-end and veneer wood products being more affordable.

Some wooden caskets can be made without metal for cremation or burial in a Jewish cemetery.

Metal caskets

Metal caskets are sturdy and secure. In addition, they are completely customizable and come in a wide range of colors, metal thicknesses, and styles.

You can choose a beautiful pink casket for your Grandma – or one celebrating her favourite team. Perhaps you envisioned a white and gold casket for your deceased loved one because it makes you think of the afterlife and the beauty found in Heaven.

Whatever casket type you envision for your loved one, you can design a metal casket to fit the bill.

Eco-friendly caskets

Before investing in an eco-friendly casket, research burial options and cemetery regulations in your community. More green cemeteries are becoming available, but most have stringent policies regarding the casket, headstone, and grave decorations.

Most traditional cemeteries require that the casket be placed in a vault underground to reduce the amount of settling that occurs after burial. This means your eco-friendly casket may not biodegrade.

You must be informed before investing in an eco-friendly casket.

Custom-made caskets

Most casket manufacturers offer customization options, which we will discuss in the next section. However, other decisions must be made before purchasing a casket. For example, caskets come in full-couch and half-couch varieties, with the entire lid opening onfull-couch caskets.

In addition, you can customize the widths of some caskets, as oversized caskets up to 44 inches wide are available. Metal caskets can also come in various thicknesses, with the lower number gauge being thicker than the higher number.

Regardless of what type of casket you choose for your loved one, you will remember this decision forever. Take time choosing and ask the opinion of other close family members.

How Personalization Turns Funeral Casks into Treasured Memorials

There are a wide variety of personalization options available for modern caskets. Some families choose a completely unique design – such as caskets that look like a school bus or painted in the same color as a favorite car from their youth. However, it’s important that you are aware that customized caskets such as these take time – and are more expensive than most.

That’s why most people choose more moderate personalization options. Here are some to consider:

Customized panels: The cloth panels on the interior of a casket can sometimes be customized with a photo or decorative design. Funeral attendees can see these additions during an open-casket service.

Pockets: Some caskets come with pockets or drawers inside that you can use to hold photos or other memorabilia.

Decorative medallions: Decorative medallions can be chosen based on the person’s faith, hobby, profession, or interest and attached to the outside of the casket.

Shelf: Some caskets have display shelves that pull out of the casket lid, allowing you to display keepsakes or photos during the viewing.

Please note that these “extras” sometimes raise the price of the casket. In addition, personalized caskets may take longer to deliver. Do you not have the time or budget for a customized casket option? Don’t worry! Many casket companies add lovely designs to their caskets that appeal to families with varied interests.

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Helpful Hints for Selecting a Casket for a Funeral

You may only select one or two caskets during your entire lifetime, so it makes sense that most people need guidance when looking at funeral caskets for sale. Here are some thoughts about casket selection to guide you with your decision.

1. Choose a material.

Narrow your selection by choosing a material. Would you rather have the casket be wood or metal? What type of wood? What color of metal?

2. Consider the size and use.

Do you need an oversized casket? Will you need a half-couch casket to be opened during any part of the ceremony? These questions must be answered before selecting a casket.

3. Consider personalization options.

Was your loved one’s faith important to them? Would they have welcomed a religious symbol on their casket as an expression of their faith?

Was there another aspect of your loved one’s personality that you would like to highlight? Perhaps they were proud of their profession or spent their entire lives cheering for their favorite team.

4. Consider your budget.

Please note: the amount you spend on a casket does not reflect how much you loved the deceased. You can buy a cheap funeral casket for someone you deeply loved. In fact, maybe your loved one would have been proud of your ability to find the best funeral casket prices. If this is the case, look for the best casket prices online.

5. Consider ordering a casket online.

Funeral homes are legally required to accept caskets purchased from other sources – including online casket companies. (Learn more about funeral laws by watching this video.) To save money on quality caskets, order one from Express Casket. we helped thousands of families across the U.S. save money on funeral caskets. Express Casket offers guaranteed on-time delivery to all 50 states. Talk with one of our representatives to learn more about the ordering process.

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