Expert Tips for Buying Funeral Caskets Online

April 5th, 2024 by Admin
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We are incredibly sorry if you recently lost a loved one. We know how difficult it is to navigate funeral planning while grieving. As a service to you, we would like to provide this clear, concise guide on how to find a funeral casket for sale online.

How To Buy a Casket Online

Before we give instructions on buying a funeral casket for sale online, we would like to remind you that a Federal Trade Commission rule says that a funeral provider cannot refuse to use a casket purchased elsewhere. In addition, no funeral home can charge an additional fee – or require the family to be present during delivery – if a casket is bought online. With that said, here are the steps on how to save money by buying a casket online.

Step 1: Consider your budget.

How much do you plan to spend on end-of-life expenses? Don’t feel bad about funeral planning on a budget. For most of us, budgets are realities of life. Shopping for the best deals on a casket is an ok thing to do.

Step 2: Think about the material.

The funeral provider you are working with may have inexpensive caskets available. But, one benefit of buying a casket online is that it enables you to get a higher quality casket for less. Consider a solid wood casket made from oak, cherry, or mahogany. Metal caskets are also available – (please note that 18-gauge caskets are slightly thicker than 20-gauge caskets.)

Step 3: Consider the size.

Funeral homes may only have standard-sized caskets available. If your loved one was larger than most, don’t let the funeral home staff encourage you to settle for a typical casket. Instead, search for an oversized casket online.

It’s also important to note that half-couch and full-couch caskets are available. Half couch caskets have lids split down the middle and are typically used for open-casket viewings.

Step 4: Compare pricing and shipping costs.

As you look for an online casket provider, make sure you are comparing similar items. For example, are you comparing prices on caskets made from the same material and in the same style? It’s crucial that you understand the shipping costs for each casket supplier as well.

Step 5: Read the casket provider’s shipping policy.

You need to ensure that the casket will be delivered in time for your loved one’s services. Ask the funeral director about their timeline, and purchase from a supplier that promises quick delivery. For example, some casket providers promise next-day delivery.

Step 6: Talk with a customer representative.

Most people feel better talking to a customer service representative when buying a casket. After all, it’s not a common purchase, and you may feel more confident when talking with an industry professional who knows about casket sizes, funeral rules, and delivery. Instead of clicking the buy button and hoping for the best, speak with a casket expert.

The staff of Express Casket is ready to help you buy a casket online. We offer overnight casket delivery service and delivery to all 50 states. In addition, we have customer service operators ready to serve you. You’ll receive a 5% discount for ordering over the phone – call 888-448-4001. Trust Express Casket when you need to buy a casket online.

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