Funeral Casket: A Guide to Saving on Funeral Costs

February 1st, 2024 by Admin
Funeral Costs for sale

A National Funeral Directors Association report says that the average cost of a burial is $7,848. However, there are ways you can save money on this necessary expense. For example, buying wholesale caskets online is one way you can save on funeral costs. Besides purchasing funeral caskets through an online retailer, here are some ways to cut end-of-life expenses.

Funeral Costs and the Power of Advance Planning

Many funeral service providers offer pre-planning services. There are many benefits to addressing these necessary expenses upfront.

Advanced funeral planning gives you more time to compare prices at nearby funeral homes. It’s easier to focus on cost when you aren’t reeling from the death of a loved one.

In addition, advanced funeral planning is a beautiful gift to leave behind to your family. Instead of trying to guess “what mom would have wanted,” – your family will know – because you already selected and paid for your own services.

But when it comes to costs, it’s important to note that many funeral homes allow you to lock in current prices when you pre-pay. Advanced planning helps you save money on funeral expenses

Of course, some families planning funerals do not have the option of cutting costs with advanced planning. Here are some additional ways you can cut expenses.

Research and Compare Funeral Service Providers’ Options

Some funeral homes have cost-effective options that you might consider. Don’t hesitate or feel embarrassed to ask about these options. Every family has a different amount of money they can spend on end-of-life expenses.

You may have heard that direct cremation is the most cost-effective end-of-life option. In direct cremation, the body is transferred from the place of death directly to the crematorium. After the state-required waiting period, the body is cremated. The cremated remains (or ashes) are returned to the family. If your loved one was open to cremation, this might be a viable option for a cost-effective funeral.

However, some families are not open to the idea of cremation. Perhaps they have religious beliefs that prevent them from considering this option, or they oppose it as a matter of personal preference. If that’s the case, consider direct burial services.

In direct burial, the body is not embalmed. Instead, it is buried as soon as possible following the state-mandated waiting period. Some direct burial options allow families to be present when the casket is lowered into the ground at the cemetery so mourners can gather together to say a few words. Other funeral homes will complete the direct burial process at a time that is convenient for them, which means you may not be able to be present.

A lot has been written about cremation vs. burial costs. While direct cremation is typically less expensive than burial, direct burial is another affordable option – especially if you choose a low-cost casket.

Express funeral casket

Opt for a Simple and Personalized Ceremony

Another way to have a cost-effective funeral is to simplify the funeral arrangements. Here are some cost-saving ideas.

You can save on the costs of floral arrangements by using cut flowers from a garden. Casket sprays from professional florists cost hundreds of dollars. By sourcing your own, you can save money and make the display more personal.

Schedule the funeral to be held at a free or low-cost location. For example, have the service at your loved one’s place of worship. Consider scheduling an informal gathering at a park or someone’s home.

Save money by asking volunteers to complete as many tasks as possible. For example, ask for volunteers to act as the officiant. Stream music for the service instead of hiring professional musicians.

Your loved one’s funeral ceremony doesn’t have to cost anything – allowing you to spend available funds on a cemetery plot and headstone.

Discuss Payment Plans and Financing Options with Funerals Homes

Talk with your funeral director if you can’t pay for the expenses with cash. Typically, funeral directors are service-oriented people trained to find solutions for people grieving a loss. Some offer funeral payment plans or financing options. If the funeral home doesn’t offer that option, the funeral director may be able to provide you with other cost-saving ideas.

Consider Sourcing the Funeral Casket Online

If your loved one preferred burial instead of cremation, look for funeral caskets for sale online with Express Casket. This is one surprising way to save thousands on your loved one’s burial.

Here’s how it works.

1. Visit the Express Casket website to select a casket for your loved one. Express Casket offers high-quality metal and wood caskets – and even cremation caskets. Express Casket has a huge selection. You are sure to find the perfect one for your loved one.

2. Once you have selected a product, contact Express Casket at 888-448-4001. Our helpful operator will answer any questions about buying a casket and ensure you choose the right one for your needs.

3. An Express Casket team member will contact the funeral home on your behalf to schedule delivery. It’s worth noting that funeral homes must accept caskets from outside sources. They cannot charge extra if you choose to source a casket from a provider other than them.

4. Finally, you will be notified when the casket is delivered. Express Casket guarantees on-time delivery.

Honoring Your Loved Ones While Being Mindful of Your Budget

Funeral planning is a unique process you certainly don’t do every day. Many are uncomfortable even discussing end-of-life preparation – thinking that death will never happen if they don’t talk about it.

However, having an open dialog when making decisions regarding death is important. Families who don’t carefully consider their options spend more money than necessary on final expenses. If your loved one worked hard their entire lives for their savings, honor their memory by being mindful of the funeral budget. Express Casket will help you save money on one needed funeral product. Contact a member of the Express Casket team today to learn more.

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