Classic – Mahogany Veneer Wood Casket


Classic – Mahogany Veneer Wood Casket

Sale: $1,099.99

Item #CMV2001


  • Glossy finish
  • Mahogany veneer wood casket
  • Ivory velvet interior
  • Half couch
  • This casket can be used for cremation
  • Matching Pillow and Throw
  • Adjustable rest bed
  • Squared corners
  • Locking Mechanism
  • This casket fits all standard vaults
Casket Dimensions:
  • Exterior: 81L x 28W x 21H
  • Interior: 77” x 23”
  • Weight 200 pounds
  • Quality Construction Starts With Experience

    All details from basic reinforced casket construction, and hardware to our impeccable finishes are second to none. The result is a core line of metal, wood, and cremation caskets with quality, pricing, and support unheard of in funeral industry today.

    Hardwood Caskets

    • Beautifully finished solid wood with 3 layers of varnish
    • Exclusive Polyseal TM waterproofing prevents leakage
    • Finished casket foot end
    • Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
    • ½” thick marine grade wood bottom with wood screws every 6 inches prevents warping and twisting
    • Adjustable frame and mattress
    • Double reinforced fish tail prevents cracking and warping
    • Extra heavy hinge

    Quality Metal Caskets*

    • Handles secured by inside reinforced metal strip
    • Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
    • Automotive paint finish with 3 layers of clear coat
    • Double sealed seams with continuous welds
    • Finished casket foot end
    • 3 Way adjustable bed with adjustable frame and mattress
    • 1 Pieces rubber double sealed gasket
    • Interiors manufactured and installed by trained professionals