Pieta Cherry Veneer Wood Casket


Pieta Cherry Veneer Wood Casket

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Sale: $1,499.99

Item #PCW150


  • Gloss Cherry Wood Finish
  • Veneer Wood Casket
  • Velvet interior with French Fold design
  • Locking mechanism
  • Half couch casket
  • Adjustable Eternal Rest Bed
  • Matching pillow and overlay
  • Swing bar handle hardware
Casket Dimensions:
  • Exterior: 83L x 28W x 22H
  • Interior: 79” x 24”
  • Weight: 220 pounds

1 review for Pieta Cherry Veneer Wood Casket

  1. Santiago Rios

    “Afternoon Scott,
    Can you send me the receipt for my Brother Gabriel Rios casket. Need to
    provide this to my family
    Thanks Santiago
    562 652 0796”

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  • Quality Construction Starts With Experience

    All details from basic reinforced casket construction, and hardware to our impeccable finishes are second to none. The result is a core line of metal, wood, and cremation caskets with quality, pricing, and support unheard of in funeral industry today.

    Hardwood Caskets

    • Beautifully finished solid wood with 3 layers of varnish
    • Exclusive Polyseal TM waterproofing prevents leakage
    • Finished casket foot end
    • Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
    • ½” thick marine grade wood bottom with wood screws every 6 inches prevents warping and twisting
    • Adjustable frame and mattress
    • Double reinforced fish tail prevents cracking and warping
    • Extra heavy hinge

    Quality Metal Caskets*

    • Handles secured by inside reinforced metal strip
    • Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
    • Automotive paint finish with 3 layers of clear coat
    • Double sealed seams with continuous welds
    • Finished casket foot end
    • 3 Way adjustable bed with adjustable frame and mattress
    • 1 Pieces rubber double sealed gasket
    • Interiors manufactured and installed by trained professionals